Myths and Creatures of the Past: A Mythology Diamond

24 02 2010

A special thanks to my cousin Sabrina who gave me permission to upload this (she was a freshman in high school at the time she created it and I just thought it was a fun way of presenting the information):


Had Gaea.

Gaea bore Uranus.
Then arrived the Giants.

Following them were the Cyclopes.

Banished were the Giants and Cyclopes.

Uranus believed they were all too powerful.

Soon after, the Titans were given birth to.

Uranus became King and ruled with force and fury.

The Titans hated their father for he treated them maliciously.

Gaea hid Cronus by the sea and had him kill Uranus.

Due to his immortality, Uranus was not killed, only mutilated.

After marrying Rhea, Cronus ruled just like his father.

The two bore many children, whom Cronus ate.

Cronus feared his children would overthrow him.

Poseidon and Zeus overthrew Cronus.

Zeus then ruled, peacefully.

Life was good.

It was





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