Myths and Creatures of the Past: Intoduction

1 02 2010

Seeing as this would be the first entry to this blog, it would probably be appropriate to include a mission statement of sorts. My goal in creating this is to educate myself (and hopefully the one or two followers I hope to attract) on and further my understanding of different myths and mythical creatures.

I have no formal qualifications except for that I had developed an interest in this sort of thing from a young age. Over the years I’ve read numerous fantasy and science fiction novels either centered around or including these myths and creatures, played video games with these same themes religiously, watched all the typical movies, and am even working on a novel of my own with two of my friends inspired by these stories.

On a side note, I’m currently taking a course on Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Mythology and took Medieval Culture last quarter.

Some more insight into who I am:

My name is Edris and I’m a first year at UC Davis. Planning to double major in economics with my eye on several other subjects for a double major. Love all sports, especially soccer and football, and I have a passion for reading and writing. And while I’m listing different interests for which I’ll undoubtedly be categorized, I’ll just go ahead and let you know that I’m half Iranian and half Afghan.

Now, on to more important matters! I will try to blog as frequently as possible. The format may not be consistent, sometimes I will include a picture or other media, other times I might just write a paragraph or so including the myth in story form. As I familiarize myself with this whole process and grow comfortable with the available tools, I will try to make my posts more sophisticated and interactive, though I hope these first few “raw” posts still remain of some interest.

Ok, I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead and I still have (?) your attention. Enjoy, and feel free to make requests!